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Mandy McCowan

Welcome to my site! I am a writer, a planner, and a producer. My first and true love is communication. Whether it's through an engrossing story, strong copy, or just a well-executed plan, the ability to connect with people through words is what has always compelled me.


It has always been this way for me. When I was just a little kid, I would re-cap soap operas for my mom (Oh, how I miss All My Children). I have always found my way to be a communicator: in theater groups, I wrote plays, in high school clubs, produced talent shows, and in college, I helped write and produce a (very bad) comedy show. (Side note: comedy writing is hard!) Whatever the medium, I love connecting through words. 

And now, in addition to my already established producing work in film and television and copywriting work for various clients, I am pursuing a life-long goal of being a novelist. This is the big dream, and it seemed only fitting to document the process because big dreams are fraught with challenge and anxiety and are so fun at the same time. 


So, please follow along and share your big dreams with me! I look forward to meeting you! 

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