Mandy McCowan

Mandy McCowan first astounded people (her Mom and Dad) at the tender age of three by memorizing and reciting Walt Disney’s version of Cinderella. “She can read!” They exclaimed. They were wrong, but the desire was there and as soon as the wonderful world of words (and alliteration) was opened to her, there was no turning back.


Her fascinations with story and well-placed words continued through high school and college where she always accidentally found her way into writing assignments for whatever, theatre, television, or other drama group in which she was participating.

Now, paying her bills by pushing paper in the Television industry, Mandy is slogging through the process of finding an agent and a publisher for her first novel. Stepping into the world of the openly aspiring novelist has proven to be challenging and eye opening, but it has also inspired Mandy’s third love – learning. With a deep hope for the future and the unshakable belief that few things are “that serious” she makes her way through the process and hopes that, for better or worse, her experiences can be of use to anyone on the same path.